Argent Colloïdal||Colloidal silver Argent Colloïdal||Colloidal silver
Argent Colloïdal||Colloidal silver
Argent Colloïdal||Colloidal silver Argent Colloïdal||Colloidal silver
Argent Colloïdal||Colloidal silver
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Colloidal silver

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The antibiotic before ... antibiotics
Colloidal money was used by doctors intensively for nearly half a century until the early 1940s. Falling in the ilterum of history after the invention of synthetic antibiotics, it does A return in force since they seem to lose the war against infection. His "magical" action is accompanied by strong scientific evidence, so doctors were able to declare, "Money is our best weapon against microbes" - Dr. Harry Margraf, (Washington University, St Louis). "Money even kills strains resistance to antibiotics and stimulates healing of the skin. - Dr. Robert Becker, (Syracuse University, New York). The majority of antibiotics, on medical prescription, kills only one of the agents causing diseases, with increasingly antibilation bacteria, while colloidal money is effective against about 650 pathogens (work of Dr. Henri Crooks) .

Medical uses of money in history
The germicidal and bactericide properties of silver-metal are known since antiquity. Greek, Persians and Romans used it in the common domestic life. They employed silver containers to store various liquids (water, wine, etc.) for sovereigns and aristocracy. These liquids thus retained their freshness and qualities longer than in other containers. Money was also used to make tableware and cooking utensils, a tradition that has been perpetuated to the present day.

Why do not have chosen another metal, less expensive:our ancestors had understood that as a result, so regular particles of money contributed to strengthening immunity vis-à-vis certain diseases. Of course this practice was founded only on empirical knowledge.

This is certainly the tradition of British tea, boiled water served in tea treats, which allowed Great Brittany to survive the terrible miasmas of its colonies, both in India, in Hong Kong and everywhere else. It was common to place silver pieces at the bottom of the containers containing milk or food to preserve the freshness, a method adopted in the 19th century by the American pioneers. Very recently, in the second part of the 20th century, when pharmacists preparing potions or ointments in the back shops, they put a silver leaf at the bottom.

Medicinal Ingredient (for a teaspoon):
Colloidal Silver D4
Non-medicinal ingredient:purified water.

L'argent colloïdal est un des meilleurs remèdes naturels qui soit. Un antibiotique naturel qui aide à la cicatrisation des blessures, des allergies, élimine les microbes et virus pathogènes.
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