Basentabs pH-Balance||Basentabs pH-Balance Basentabs pH-Balance||Basentabs pH-Balance
Basentabs pH-Balance||Basentabs pH-Balance
Basentabs pH-Balance||Basentabs pH-Balance Basentabs pH-Balance||Basentabs pH-Balance
Basentabs pH-Balance||Basentabs pH-Balance
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Basentabs pH-Balance

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Basentabs PH-BALANCE is a multi-mineral formula that can complete the alkaline salts and reduce acidity in the body.

1 tablet (= 560 mg) contains:

Medicinal Ingredients:- Calcium Carbonate - 201.7 mg - Sodium Bicarbonate - 160 mg - Magnesium Salt - 120 mg - Sodium Phosphate - 20 mg - Potassium Bicarbonate - 20 mg - Zinc Sulfate - 0.44mg

Suggested use
adults:2-4 tablets 1-3 times a day. Tablets should be taken with plenty of water and food.

How to use the reactive strips:

Put the fresh urine into a clean container. Tear a strip with dry fingers. Immerse the band in the urine for 1 second, remove, and shake the liquid in excess. The color of the band changes according to the pH value on the moisturized correction. Compare color-scale color within 2 minutes. Read the value, which is closest to the staining of the band (accuracy:± 0.1 pH).

Arrange the band used in the trash. Your pH at the particular moments of the day should be part of the margin given in the graph. However, to evaluate the results of this test and how it relates to your acidity, please consult a health professional.

Do not give children under 4 years old. Do not take 2 hours before drugs or in a 4 hour period after the medicine.

Avoid consuming drugs in two hours before or after this product. Because of avoiding possible interactions, a period of time between the summing of Basentabs PH-BALANCE PASCOE and other medications may be necessary. If you take other medicines, please consult your health practitioner. Do not take for more than two weeks, nor if the symptoms come back, without taking this product except by the opinion of a health practitioner. Some people can see diarrhea.

Antiacide qui contient les sels alcalins et aide au développement et l'entretien des os.
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