Ageoff Collagène 2.0||Ageoff Collagen 2.0 Ageoff Collagène 2.0||Ageoff Collagen 2.0
Ageoff Collagène 2.0||Ageoff Collagen 2.0
Ageoff Collagène 2.0||Ageoff Collagen 2.0 Ageoff Collagène 2.0||Ageoff Collagen 2.0
Ageoff Collagène 2.0||Ageoff Collagen 2.0
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Ageoff Collagen 2.0

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Collagen 2.0

Collagen 2.0 Ageoff BioActive Vitamin C3 powder contains the exact collagen peptide that has been proven to maximize collagen and elastin production. It offers smoother skin with fewer wrinkles and deep wrinkles. It includes key co-factors stimulating collagen such as vitamin C3, biotin and silica. bioactive collagen peptides :In reality, the skin is composed of 95% of type collagen 1. The unique collagen peptide present in Collagen 2.0 ™ is a precise peptide small enough (2.0 kilodaltons) To reach skin cells and stimulate the production of collagen and elastin in the background of skin. Vitamin C3 (3-step vitamin C collagen factor): Vitamin C is the most important vitamin for collagen production. Collagen 2.0 ™ is unique because it provides 3 advanced forms of highly bioavailable vitamin C, forming the most complete vitamin C today promoting collagen formation. biotin (vitamin h): The biotin (vitamin H) is appropriate since the "H" is the abbreviation of "Haar and Up" - German words for "hair and skin". Biotin is essential to help transform fatty acids into essential compounds needed to healthy skin, hair and nails. Silicon: Silicon is the second most abundant element on the ground and is a key factor 4 in maintaining the elasticity of the skin. It helps and restores the natural shine of the skin.

Recommended dosage:

1 serving by day

Ingredients by spoon (2.75 g):

2500 mg of bioactive collagen peptides (from Type I and III hydrolyzed collagen) [providing collagen peptides with an average MW of 2.0 kd], 180 mg vitamin C (like vitamin 3C ™ from ascorbate of magnesium, calcium ascorbate and palmitate of ascorbyl), silicon to 15 mg
  • Maximise la production de collagène et d'élastine, offrant une peau plus lisse avec moins de rides et de rides profondes
  • Favorise le maintien de l'élasticité de la peau. Il aide et restaure l'éclat naturel de la peau
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