Nu-Greens Liquide Bleuet||Nu-Greens liquid - Blueberry Nu-Greens Liquide Bleuet||Nu-Greens liquid - Blueberry
Nu-Greens Liquide Bleuet||Nu-Greens liquid - Blueberry
Nu-Greens Liquide Bleuet||Nu-Greens liquid - Blueberry Nu-Greens Liquide Bleuet||Nu-Greens liquid - Blueberry
Nu-Greens Liquide Bleuet||Nu-Greens liquid - Blueberry
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Nu-Greens liquid - Blueberry

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Nu-Greens Liquid Blueet

nu-greens is a delicious "green food", an award-winning supplement containing 54 active ingredients, including a unique blend of fruits, vegetables, nutrients from plants, non-dairy acidophilus and Nutrients for the brain. It is beneficial to increase energy levels, strength, endurance and general well-being. It cleans and detoxifies thanks to the effects of herbs and antioxidants. Suitable for diabetics. nu-greens profile is a delicious liquid with concentrated fruits and vegetables (from earth and sea) to help you reach 5 to 10 fruits and vegetables a day. More antioxidants, polyphenols, whole grains, prebiotics and active enzymes, chlorophyll and herbs to promote health in general. Nu-Greens Liquid Liquid Suitable for the vegan diet.

Recommended dosage:

With the supplied meter cap, pose 15 ml of Nu-Life Nu-Life buckle liquid and drinking immediately. Use 1-2 times a day. For best results, refrigerate after opening.

Nutritional intake by 15 ml

Total green food complex 4040 mg Sea mix: Hawaiian Blue Algae 1500 mg, Green Algae Chlorella 200 mg, Dunaliella Salina Red Algae 50 mg, Haematococcus Plavialis, Red Algae 50 mg, Dulse Nova Scotia 50 mg, Nori Algae 50 mg, Kombu Algae 25 mg, Extract of Algae Phlorotannine Algae Extract Brunette of the Canary Islands 25 mg, extracted from Wakame 25 mg. Land Assembly : Concentrated Juice of Alfalfa Juice 200 mg, 200 mg chlorophyll powder, concentrate of green barley juice 150 mg, concentrate of buckwheat grass juice 150 mg, kamut concentrated grass grass juice 125 mg, concentrated 125 mg wheat grass grass juice, concentrated juice of aloe vera leaves 20 mg, plant sterols and fatty acid esters and sucrose 400 mg, whole brown rice powder 200 mg, sprouting whole grains, shoots of Mungo 150 mg beans, plant extracts, Siberian ginseng root extract 28:1,250 m, milk thistle seed extract 5:1, 60 mg, green tea leaf extract 45:1 15 mg, glitches extract of grapes 100:1 10 mg, Eleuthro root extract 12:1 10 mg. vegetable concentrate / fruit (organic) Total 650 mg Concentrated broccoli juice 75 mg concentrated carrot juice 75 mg, concentrated red beet juice 75 mg, 50 mg cauliflower juice concentrate, concentrated celery juice 50 mg, concentrated tomato juice 50 mg, concentrated juice of spinach 50 Mg, Acai Juice Concentrate 25 mg, concentrated white grape juice 25 mg, concentrated pomegranate juice 25 mg, concentrated leek juice 25 mg, Concentrated apple juice 25 mg, concentrated red grape juice 25 mg, concentrated plum juice 15 mg, 15 mg onion powder, concentrate of acerola juice 15 mg, concentrated blueberry juice 10 mg, concentrated blueberry juice 10 mg, concentrated cranberry juice 10 mg. Total FOS 150 mg mixture Chicory root extract 75 mg Jerusalem Artichoke Tuber 75 mg

Non-medicinal ingredients:

Purified water, stevia leaf extract, malic acid, natural aromas, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, xanthan gum and potassium citrate. Gluten free, dairy products, soy, yeast, egg, nuts, bee products, artificial preservation agents, artificial dye, starch and added sugar.
  • Supplément complet d’aliments verts
  • Source d’antioxydants pour le maintien d’une bonne santé
  • Concentré liquide
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