Probiotiques Cardio||Probiotic - Cardio Probiotiques Cardio||Probiotic - Cardio
Probiotiques Cardio||Probiotic - Cardio
Probiotiques Cardio||Probiotic - Cardio Probiotiques Cardio||Probiotic - Cardio
Probiotiques Cardio||Probiotic - Cardio
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Probiotic - Cardio

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Cardio Probiotics

Purica Probiotic Cardio is a patented mix of three unique strains of Lactobacillus Plantarum that has been clinically research and designed to support cardiac function and promote global cardiovascular health. It has been developed to improve cholesterol metabolism in the blood. It offers a series of mechanisms to facilitate optimal lipid metabolism.
  • a synergistic mix of probiotics, vitamins and minerals designed to optimize cardiac health.
  • provides a "triple force" for cardiac health by supporting LDL, HDL and healthy triglycerides already in the normal range.
  • produces the BSH enzyme, which degrades the bile salts, preventing them from emulsifying cholesterol and thus impelling its absorption in the blood.
  • produces CGOCs, which inhibit the production of cholesterol by the body or eliminate blood cholesterol towards the liver.
  • helps bind cholesterol, thus preventing its absorption in the blood and facilitating its excretion.
  • supports healthy cholesterol levels total LDL and HDL already in the normal range.
  • maintains a level of healthy triglycerides already in the normal range.
  • synergistic effect with statin.
  • Effective against food and endogenous cholesterol.
  • Reduction of oxidized LDL cholesterol related to the health of blood veins.

Medicinal Ingredients by Capsule:

Lactobacillus plantarum kabp ™ 011 0.4 billion UFC; and lactobacillus plantarum kabp ™ 012 0.4 billion UFC; Lactobacillus plantarum kabp ™ 013 0.4 billion UFC.

Non-medicinal ingredients:

Hypromellosis; maltodextrin; silicon dioxide; D-Manitol; dextrose; Sodium ascorbate; sodium citrate; Trehalose.
Source de probiotiques pour soutenir la santé gastro-intestinale et la santé cardiovasculaire en favorisant une flore intestinale favorable et un taux de cholestérol sain chez les personnes hypercholestérolémiques.
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