Loyalty Rewards Program

Earn 1% of your purchases.

Reduce your bill.

Free, unlimited membership.


Before joining the program, you must read this document. By using a Loyalty card, La Moisson considers that you accept and understand the terms and conditions of this program.

The terms customer and holder refer to any person in whose name a Loyalty card has been issued by La Moisson.

The term card refers to the La Moisson Loyalty card.

1. Joining the La Moisson Loyalty program

The Loyalty program is available in-store only.

The customer must come with an ID card at La Moisson and request their Loyalty card. Membership is completely free.

2. Conditions of use

By using his card, the customer agrees to the following conditions: The customer is 18 years of age or older or has obtained the consent of a parent or legal guardian.

The customer consents to the use by La Moisson of certain personal information, unless they have objected to it. Details on the confidentiality of the customer's personal information are provided in point 13 of this document.

The client accepts the rules, terms and conditions of the program. They are aware that they can be changed without notice. It is the customer's responsibility to stay informed of any updates to these rules, terms and conditions.

The customer is only entitled to one membership and one card.

More than one person can share and use the same account. Each person will have their own card. It is the responsibility of the parties concerned to request that their card be joined. If the customer loses his card, they can ask a cashier for their number and write it down for future use or request that a new one be issued for 100 points deducted from their account. This fee has been established with an ecological aim, in order to avoid the abusive production of cards.

2.1 Loyalty PLUS program - acquired right

Holders of a Loyalty PLUS card are subject to the rules, terms and conditions presented in this document. Despite the cancellation of the PLUS program, its use can be continued by a customer who signed up before the end of the said program.

The established 5% reward is maintained.

The holder of a Loyalty PLUS card can renew their membership annually at the fees applicable at that time. No new activation will be made.

3. Earn points

1% of the purchase value, after discounts and before taxes, will be accumulated in the form of points. One point equals one Canadian dollar.

The customer must present their card, a photo of it or their number to the cashier before the end of the transaction. Once the transaction is completed, the customer can no longer claim his points. No refund will be accepted if its reason is to collect points.

3.1 The total points earned will be visible on the receipt.

There is no limit on the points accumulated. Points will continue to accumulate until customer redeems them.

3.2 Period of validity

Accumulated points do not expire.

Points are not transferable to another account. Two exceptions apply and are indicated in point 6 of this document.

3.3 Refund or exchange

When refunding or exchanging an item, the points will be adjusted accordingly. The card used for the purchase must be presented.

3.4 Products excluded from the program

Certain products could be excluded from the Loyalty program. These items will not necessarily be identified as such.

4. Redeem points

One point equals one Canadian dollar.

Points have no cash value. T

o redeem their points, the customer must inform the cashier when paying their bill. Points will be deducted from the amount total of their purchases.

If a refund should be made for a product that has been paid for with points, this value will be refunded as store credit. The refund cannot be made in cash since it was not paid in this way.

5. Promotions

La Moisson may choose to increase the percentage of points earned as part of a promotion. The nature, duration and period of a promotion is entirely at the discretion of La Moisson.

6. Assignment of points

As mentioned above, a customer cannot transfer his points to another account. However, two exceptions may apply.

6.1 In the event of the death of a holder

In the event that the card holder dies, his legal successor may take possession of the accumulated points. The heir must present the death certificate of the original holder. Allow administrative delay.

6.2 In the event of divorce or separation of the parties

In the event of a divorce or any separation of the holders of joint cards, the jointly accumulated points may be transferred to the same account or distributed according to the parties' agreement. The written consent of all holders involved will be required before proceeding.

7. Lack of card activity

If there is no card activity for a period of 12 months, La Moisson will send an email notification to the cardholder informing them of the situation.

The customer must use their card within 12 months of this notice. Following this second period, if there has been no activity on the card, the card will be canceled and the points accumulated will be irrevocably lost without compensation. The customer could also choose to cancel their card. In this case, the points will be irrevocably lost, without compensation.

Cancellation of the card will be made within 10 days for these eventualities.

8. Lost or stolen card

In the event of loss or theft, the customer is responsible for notifying La Moisson. La Moisson will then close this acount and transfer the points to a new one.

La Moisson is not responsible for the lost points redeemed by someone who is not the true cardholder.

9. Infringement or fraud of the La Moisson Loyalty program

Any fraud, abuse or failure to comply with the terms of this program will result in cancellation of the card and loss of accumulated points, without compensation. The same will apply if the customer provides false information when creating or managing his account.

Cancellation of a card by La Moisson will only be done for a reasonable cause. No notice will be provided to the customer.

10. Modification or end of the Loyalty program

La Moisson reserves the right to terminate or modify in any way the terms of its Loyalty program without notice. If La Moisson terminates the program, customers will have a period of 3 months to redeem their points without the possibility of accumulation. Beyond this period, the points will be lost, without compensation.

In the event of an exceptional situation, La Moisson could decide to cancel all or part of the cards, as well as the points accumulated, without compensation.

11. Technical difficulty

La Moisson is not responsible for technical difficulties preventing the proper functioning of the card and accepts no liability in the event of the loss of information or points.

12. General information

12.1 Quebec and Canadian laws

The terms and regulations provided in this document are subject to applicable Quebec and Canadian laws. In the event that one or more of the terms or regulations mentioned above contravenes the law in force, this or these terms or regulations will be canceled. All other terms and regulations will however be maintained. 1

2.2 Provincial and federal taxes

The customer is responsible for taxes relating to the accumulation or redemption of his points.

12.3 Additional informations

Any request for additional informations should be sent by email to info@lamoisson.com.

13. Confidentiality

Personal information collected as part of the La Moisson Loyalty program will only be used by La Moisson for administrative, management, promotional, communication with the cardholder or internal analysis purposes. At no time will personal information be sold, rented or offered in any way to any person, company or organization not working directly for La Moisson.

In the event of the sale or transfer of title deeds of La Moisson, personal information collected under the Loyalty program will be regarded as company assets, and will therefore be transferred as such.

When required by law, La Moisson must send all relevant information related to the La Moisson Loyalty program to the competent tax authorities.

13.1 Communication with the keeper

The customer must provide a valid email address. La Moisson is not responsible for any communication not received or received too late. If the customer does not wish to receive communication from La Moisson, they must submit a request by email to info@lamoisson.com or by notifying a member of our staff.