Biosuperaliment formule f1 (BSA)||Biosuperfood F1 Formula (BSF) Biosuperaliment formule f1 (BSA)||Biosuperfood F1 Formula (BSF)
Biosuperaliment formule f1 (BSA)||Biosuperfood F1 Formula (BSF)
Biosuperaliment formule f1 (BSA)||Biosuperfood F1 Formula (BSF) Biosuperaliment formule f1 (BSA)||Biosuperfood F1 Formula (BSF)
Biosuperaliment formule f1 (BSA)||Biosuperfood F1 Formula (BSF)
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Biosuperfood F1 Formula (BSF)

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Biosuraliment (BSA) formulas are natural and integers that contain four micro-algae - most nutritious and dense in phytonutrients:

Spirulina Pacifica Spirulina Platensis Dunaliella
Astaxanthine of Haematoccoccus Pluvalis
These algae have been chosen from thousands for their unique properties, quality and compatibility. They are grown in a hydroponics environment to reach their fullness potential, balance and synergy.

Spirulina is a blue-green micro-algae, invisible to the naked eye, which grows in warm waters and brackish. It contains 60 to 70% of complete protein of excellent quality and optimal digestibility. Its protein elements contain 18 out of 22 essential amino acids, including the eight essential amino acids.

Spirulina is an increased source of vitamins such as A, B, E, H, thousands of enzymes and several essential and non-essential fatty acids. Spirulina is rich in vitamin B, minerals, oligoelements, chlorophyll, and enzymes. It is also one of the best sources of AGL food - an essential fatty acid needed for growth and regeneration of tissue. Thanks to its soft cell wall, all the elements of spirulina are easily assimilated.

Dunaliella Salina
Dunaliella Salina is a micro-algae of seawater composed of a simple cell, which under the appropriate growth conditions, accumulates massive amounts of beta-carotene. Dunaliella contains other carotenoids such as alpha carotene and xanthophylls, such as zeaxanthine, cryptoxanthin and lutein. It also accumulates very high concentrations of glycerol.

High concentrations of beta-carotene and glycerol offer dunaliella protection against saline conditions and the osmotic pressure of the environment where it lives. Normal mixed carotenoids found in the Dunaliella Salina are among the best antioxidants of nature.

Nowadays, Haematococcus Pluvialis is by far the most famous and richest source in Astaxanthin, a unique pigment of carotenoid and an extremely powerful organic antioxidant. An increasing number of scientific literature proves that natural astaxanthin surpasses many of the antioxidant advantages offered by vitamin C and vitamin E.

Astaxanthin has a superior antioxidant activity and the ability to support and maintain a normal inflammatory response. In addition, scientific research has shown that astaxanthin can cross the hematomening barrier and that of the central nervous system better than many other antioxidants.

BSA formule 1 est une formule douce qui est recommandée pour un support nutritionnel général, un remplacement de suppléments et de vitamines, un maintien d’une bonne santé et pour la prévention, pour ceux qui suivent une diète ou qui jeûnent, de même que les sportifs.
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