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BioVigora is a food supplement (100% natural), formulated to:improve the sexual performance of men and women in all categories. Suitable very well to men and women of all ages. Only two plants compose Biovigora. Aframomum and Kola Nitida. Together, they act as phyto-hormones in humans and women. Scientists from Canada, intrigued by the sexual vitality of some tribes, have discovered that Aframomum was used as spice to season food and was at the origin of this sexual vitality. Biovigora is suitable for the following categories of men:
  • Any man wishing to improve his current performance.
  • Man with a temporary erectile dysfunction.
  • man with an occasional erectile dysfunction.
  • Some men with a permanent erectile dysfunction.
  • Biovigora Suitable for the following categories of women:
  • Every woman wishing to improve his current libido.
  • woman with a libido / sensitivity / lubrication temporarily lower.
  • woman with a libido / sensitivity / lubrication at 0.


Take 1 capsule per meal, 3 times a day, for 5 consecutive days. Total:15 capsules. This phase is only necessary once. Subsequently, 2 capsules 1 hour before the sexual relationship.

Most Frequent Questions

Should we have a problem to consume Biovigora? Not at all. Biovigora is suitable for all men wanting to improve their sexual performance, normal erection or not. The erection is easier, stronger, and prolonged. It allows to delay cumshot and recovery speed in men is much faster. As for women, they become more sensitive to touch, libido and sexual desire are increased. BioVigora also regularizes lubrication. What is the dosage to draw a maximum effect of Biovigora? 50% of people will see a difference immediately by taking 2 capsules. If you do not see any results with 2 capsules, follow the dosage on the bottle:Take 1 capsule at each meal for a period of 3 to 5 days. Subsequently, take 2 capsules 1 hour before sexual relationship. Biovigora acts in less than 1 hour. Is that Biovigora gives some side effects? Until today, no harmful side effect has been reported. For added security, please refer to the precaution on the bottle. Should I start taking over 3 to 5 days if I'm more than a month without taking Biovigora? Only one time is enough, your system has stored the product codes, you only need to take 2 capsules 1 hour before the sexual relationship. What should I do if after the consecutive outlet of 5 days I took 2 capsules and that I did not see any improvement? Each person is sensitive differently to natural products. You may be a more resistant person, we suggest taking 3 capsules instead of 2. If you do not notice any improvement, this product is just not suitable for you. Very few people have not seen improvement because the product is very effective. What effect can I have BioVigora on a cardiac person, suffering from high or low pressure, diabetic, with a cholesterol or prostate problem? The active ingredient of Organic Vigora is a spice of Africa. It does not involve more danger than to put pepper in its food. See clinical tests on arterial pressure).
Augmentez vos performances sexuelles ...Agit en moins d'une heure !
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