Permanent hair dye 8C Copper blond Permanent hair dye 8C Copper blond
Permanent hair dye 8C Copper blond
Permanent hair dye 8C Copper blond Permanent hair dye 8C Copper blond
Permanent hair dye 8C Copper blond
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Permanent hair dye 8C Copper blond

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Permanent color Color & amp; Care - Blonde Copper 8c

Enriched in pure pigments, the Color & Amp collection; Care for 3 oaks offers permanent colorings with plant extracts that take care of your hair. Without ammonia, without a resorcine, paraben without silicone.

  • a permanent color of exception, intense and reliable
  • Total white hair cover
  • an optimal comfort of the scalp

Instructions for use

  • Pour the contents of the dye in the color fixative bottle, shake for two minutes and remove the cap from the applicator tip.
  • Apply the entire mixture on dry hair.
  • let act 20 minutes. Pour a little lukewarm water on your hair and mix slightly. Rinse thoroughly and wash your hair with a soft shampoo.
  • Apply capillary balm and let action 2 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.


This product contains ingredients that can cause skin irritation in some people. We must first complete a preliminary test according to the accompanying guidelines. This product should not be used to dye eyebrows or eyelashes; because in doing so could cause blindness.

This box contains:

1 Stain at plant extracts, 1 fixer, 1 stabilizing capillary balm, gloves and instructions.


This product contains diaminobenzenes and oxygenated water. Keep at room temperature (10 to 25 degrees), protected from light.
  • Une couleur permanente d'exception, intense et fiable.
  • Une couverture totale des cheveux blancs.
  • Un confort optimal du cuir chevelu.

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