Gel Buvable Aloe Vera - Fruit||Drinkable gel Aloe Vera - Fruit Gel Buvable Aloe Vera - Fruit||Drinkable gel Aloe Vera - Fruit
Gel Buvable Aloe Vera - Fruit||Drinkable gel Aloe Vera - Fruit
Gel Buvable Aloe Vera - Fruit||Drinkable gel Aloe Vera - Fruit Gel Buvable Aloe Vera - Fruit||Drinkable gel Aloe Vera - Fruit
Gel Buvable Aloe Vera - Fruit||Drinkable gel Aloe Vera - Fruit
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Drinkable gel Aloe Vera - Fruit

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Aloe Vera Gel - Fruits

Aloe Vera Gel - Fruits is like the simple juice of Aloe Vera, the drunk gel a first class antioxidant, which is more can be a real boost in the fight against symptoms acidification of the body. Thicker than the juice, it adheres permeably to the esophagus walls, stomach and intestine to protect and heal the tissues irritated by acidification disorders. The oral gel, by its antioxidant action, help. The stomach to eliminate acids that undermine the health of the digestive system and increases the absorption of nutrients. The stomach reacts to stress by decreasing the production of digestive enzymes, limited consumption of antibiotics, diuretics, antidepressants and other drugs can affect the acid-basic balance. But, it is difficult to always eat perfectly, to control stress and the prescribed drugs must be used for specific health problems. Acidification of the body can lead to osteoarthritis, cardiovascular diseases, ulcers, stomach burns, oral canalies and many other types of inflammatory reactions. It is wrong to believe that a simple Gel of Aloe Vera will come to the end. But it can certainly be said that the oral gel consumption provides solid support to the acid-basic balance and allows the body to slow the progression of the acidifying elements in the body. Not to mention especially what will help you keep an organism with a balanced pH and a good health:drink plenty of water, eat healthy, oxygenate, moving and laughing ...!

Medicinal Ingredient:

2 tablespoon (2 x 15 ml) contain 27.8 g of aloe vera from the gel of aloe vera L.

Non-medicinal ingredients:

Citric acid, potassium sorbate, Xanthane gum, sodium benzoate, fruit punch flavor, ascorbic acid.
  • Contient de l’Aloe Vera, une source naturelle d’antioxydants qui favorisent une bonne santé
  • Le contenu élevé en Aloe Vera pur (98,8%) assure une efficacité maximale à chaque dose
  • Plus épais que le jus, il adhère de façon perméable aux parois de l'œsophage, de l’estomac et de l’intestin
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