Facial cleanser bar - Charcoal & rosewood Facial cleanser bar - Charcoal & rosewood
Facial cleanser bar - Charcoal & rosewood
Facial cleanser bar - Charcoal & rosewood Facial cleanser bar - Charcoal & rosewood
Facial cleanser bar - Charcoal & rosewood
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Facial cleanser bar - Charcoal & rosewood

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Rosewood Face Cleaner

A soft and subtly fragrant cleaning soap with pure essential oil and geranium oil. The activated carbon and the essential oil of rosewood, work together to (re-) balance the fragile flow of sebum from your epidermis.


  • Active carbon acts like a magnet against impurities on the skin of your face.
  • The essential oil of pink wood regenerates fabrics to leave a clean, pure and healthy skin.
  • gently cleans your skin skin and illuminates the complexion.
  • for sensitive skin - any type of skin.

Tips for use

Wet and press the soap bar in your hands. Apply the soft foam into circular motion on the skin of your face. Rinse thoroughly with clean water using your hands or toilet glove. Ensure that there is no soap residue. Dry with a towel and gently dab your face. Then use the regenerating face cream as a day and night cream, in combination with organic damask rose water and the pink wood purity serum. Precautions for use :avoid the eye contour. Note :To enjoy your natural soap longer, use a soap drainetry to let it dry between the uses.


Olea Europaea (olive oil), Aqua (water), Cocos Nucifera (organic coconut oil), elaisguineensis (organic palm oil), hydroxide sodium (sodium hydroxide), butyrospermumparkii (organic shea butter), Prunus AMYGDERUS AND VANILLAPLANIFOLIA Fruit (organic vanilla maceration), Riciniscommunis (organic castor oil), Anibarosaeodora (essential oil of rosewood), PelargoniumGraveolens (geranium essential oil), Cera Alba (organic bee wax), sodium lactate , activated charcoal, grapefruit seed extracts.
Un savon nettoyant doux et subtilement parfumé avec de l’huile essentielle pure de bois de rose et de géranium.
  • Le charbon actif agit comme un aimant contre les impuretés sur la peau de votre visage.
  • L’huile essentielle de bois de rose régénère les tissus pour laisser une peau propre, pure et saine.
  • Nettoie en douceur votre peau du visage et illumine le teint.
  • Pour peau sensible – Tout type de peau.

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