Shampoing Huile d'argan||Argan oil shampoo Shampoing Huile d'argan||Argan oil shampoo
Shampoing Huile d'argan||Argan oil shampoo
Shampoing Huile d'argan||Argan oil shampoo Shampoing Huile d'argan||Argan oil shampoo
Shampoing Huile d'argan||Argan oil shampoo
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Argan oil shampoo

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Zanimo Council
Your pet needs a good moisturizer shampoo with argan oil, sulfate without parabicless and silicone. With its rich and unctuous foam, it will dislodate the sand, the earth, the dust, the dead hairs and the dirt accumulated in its hair.

Its moisturizing and emollient formula will enhance the beauty and health of its coat. Recommended on the fall and spring moulting or after the zanimo hair drop program.

The benefits
A good argan oil shampoo must deeply clean its peel while moisturizing its skin and especially do not dry it through frequent washes. This shampoo will maintain the flexibility and the softness of a healthy coat.

Our formula
0% parabenic 0% silicone 0% sulphate Our formula contains 100% pure argan oil that will nourish its skin while maintaining its hydration. The nourishing and moisturizing action of argan oil makes it possible to maintain the flexibility and softness of the coat of your dog. It is advisable for frequent washes and for sensitive and fragile skin. This natural shampoo will give it a lustrous and silky hair. Its exotic odor foam will please you without disturbing the fragile smell of your dog.

Instructions for use
Apply the shampoo on wet peeling. Furnish, rinse well and repeat. Use according to the need of your pet. This shampoo is composed of natural ingredients for the beauty and health of the coat.

Sphinx:ideal for oily skin and bad smells.

Information:Can be used once a week.

POURQUOI EN ONT-ILS BESOIN?○ Nettoie en profondeur le pelage○ L’huile d’argan et de chanvre hydrate bien la peau○ Maintient un pelage doux et soyeux○ Hypoallergène, formule non-irritante
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