Coloration Végétale Pour Cheveux - Blond Doré||Hair colour - Golden blonde Coloration Végétale Pour Cheveux - Blond Doré||Hair colour - Golden blonde
Coloration Végétale Pour Cheveux - Blond Doré||Hair colour - Golden blonde
Coloration Végétale Pour Cheveux - Blond Doré||Hair colour - Golden blonde Coloration Végétale Pour Cheveux - Blond Doré||Hair colour - Golden blonde
Coloration Végétale Pour Cheveux - Blond Doré||Hair colour - Golden blonde
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Hair colour - Golden blonde

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Plant Coloring for Hair - Golden Blond

Discover the Golden Blond Radico Coloring, the Insurance of Protected Hair and Neat from the first application. Composed of seven Ayurvedic powders with coloring and fortifying properties, it restores vitality and hair shine. Hot and gilded reflections enhance the natural color, for a solar and bright blonde . No need to live in California to get a beautiful blonde full of sunshine. This golden blond organic color is feminine and bright and sied perfectly with blond hair. In contrast to chemical coloring, natural hair dyes color without damaging the capillary fiber. The pigments are fixed on the surface of the hair and do not penetrate the scales, for an effect both densifying and dye. Radico colors are formulated from well known Indian powders for their balancing and coloring properties:
  • The Indigo leaves powder is renowned in Ayurveda to counterbalance the coppes of natural henna.
  • The Natural Henna warms the color of copper shades. It is also used as a care to smooth, sheath and bring volume to the hair.
  • Rich Vitamin C and Antioxidants, Amla Powder, Methi and Bhringraj have a positive effect on hair growth. They fight against hair loss and prevents early grayness.
  • The flower of Hibiscus and the manjistha are noble Indian powders, appreciated for their coloring and care power. They are at the origin of soft warm reflections.

Radico Staining Kit Content

  • 1 bag of 100g organic organic plant coloring.
  • a brush to facilitate the application.
  • A pair of plastic gloves to protect your hands from henna tasks.
  • A charlotte plastic to preserve heat during laying time.


Mix a golden blond radico coloration volume with three volumes of hot water (70 ° C), until a dough is achieved with a yogurt. Apply the still hot mixture on dry and clean hair (excess sebum can decrease the staining plug). Apply uniformly with the radico brush by leaving the roots to the spikes. Divide the rest of the dough on the hair, then massage the whole hair to get a homogeneous result. Cover with the plastic charlotte provided in the package and cover with a hot towel. Keep the heat increases the adhesion of the pigments and the result of the color. Let pose between 1h and 1h30, depending on the desired result. The more you let pose and the more you will get a dark and intense result. Rinse with lukewarm water until the water is clear. Making a shampoo can help eliminate powder residues.


Cassia Auriculata (Organic Cassia Powder) Lawsonia Inermis (Organic Henna Powder) Indigofera TinToria (Organic Indigo Powder) Emblen Officinalis (Organic Amla Powder) Eclipta Prostrata (Organic Bhringraj Powder) Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis (Organic Hibiscus Powder) Rubia Cordifolia (Organic Manjistha Powder )
Découvrez la coloration Radico Blond Doré, l’assurance de cheveux protégés et soignés dès la première application.Composée de sept poudres ayurvédiques aux propriétés colorantes et fortifiantes, elle redonne vitalité et brillance aux cheveux.
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