Natural factors curcuminrich optimisation mémoire Natural factors curcuminrich optimisation mémoire
Natural factors curcuminrich optimisation mémoire
Natural factors curcuminrich optimisation mémoire Natural factors curcuminrich optimisation mémoire
Natural factors curcuminrich optimisation mémoire
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CurcuminRich Memory Optimization

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rich curcumin memory optimization

Keep the mind bright thanks to Curcuminrich Memory Optimization of Natural Factors. In the number of the ingredients that enter the composition of this synergistic mixture are the atheracurminmc antioxidant, the most absorbed curcumin form *; anti-aging resveratrolrichmd; EMIQ, a bioactive form of quercetin; Bacopa, as well as other major nutrients that activate the brain. This plant-based preparation is specifically formulated to support cognitive health at any age.

Additional information:

It provides comprehensive support for cognitive health and life of the brain throughout life, especially in recent years. This innovative formula includes significant plant extracts that could inhibit the development of amyloid plates in the brain, plates that are associated with cognitive dysfunction. In addition, these natural extracts promote a normal inflammatory response, protect cell membranes, neurons and synapses and promote the proper functioning of neurotransmitters. TheraCurminmc is an improved shape of curcumin. Curcumin, this yellow pigment present in turmeric (Curcuma Longa), is widely used to promote healthy inflammatory response and for its powerful protective antioxidant action. In addition, curcumin supports the proper functioning of neurotransmitters and can hinder the formation of amyloid plates, as are the extracts of bacopa and green tea. Phytosome green tea is a highly assimilable complex of antioxidant polyphenols and phosphatidylcholine which, with Bacopa, can help improve memory and concentration by protecting neurons from oxidative damage. Memory Optimization also contains enzyme (EMIQMD) resveratrol and quercetin, two antioxidants that protect the brain cells. With celery seed extract, they support a normal cerebral blood flow and good vascular function. This non-GM vegetarian formula contains high quality ingredients benefiting from ISURAMC certification that guarantees its safety and power.

Medicinal Ingredients by Vegetable Capsule:

Green tea phytosome (Camellia sinensis) (sheet) (13% EGCG) [linked to phosphatidylcholine (soy lecithin)] 75 mg; Extract from Bacopa (Bacopa Monnieri) (sheet) (50% of Bacosides A and B) 75 mg; Curcumin theracurmin extracted from curcuma (turmeric longa) (rhizome) 30 mg; Highly bioavailable curcumin shape - the most active curcuminoid of Curcuma Resveratrol Resveratrolrich ® [Grape (Vitis Vinifera) (fruit) and returned from Japan (polygonum cuspidatum) (root)] (comes from 75 mg of resveratrolrich ® ) 37.5 mg *. * Natural form of trans-resveratrol EMIQ MD (enzymatic modified isOncrine) 133.3 mg (providing 40 mg of highly assimilable quercetin); Celery extract (APIUM GREEOLENS) (seed) 75 mg; (3-N butylphthalide representing the total amount of phthalids) (85%).

Non-medicinal ingredients:

Vegetarian capsule (carbohydrate gum [cellulose], purified water), microcrystalline cellulose, vegetable magnesium stearate (lubricant), silica.
  • Soutient la santé cognitive
  • Régule le fonctionnement des neurotransmetteurs
  • Améliore l'irrigation sanguine du cerveau
  • Améliore la mémoire et la concentration
  • Favorise une saine réaction inflammatoire
  • Fournit une protection antioxydante
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