Dentifrice naturel||Natural toothpaste Dentifrice naturel||Natural toothpaste
Dentifrice naturel||Natural toothpaste
Dentifrice naturel||Natural toothpaste Dentifrice naturel||Natural toothpaste
Dentifrice naturel||Natural toothpaste
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Natural toothpaste

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Why do they need it?

○ Cleans the teeth and prevents the tartar accumulation
○ Help control bad breath
○ Maintains healthy gums and promotes oral hygiene
○ Natural flavor of salmon or chicken to facilitate use.

○ Toothpaste designed from pure and natural ingredients.
○ Promotes the health of teeth, gums and prevents the proliferation of bacteria.
○ This toothpaste helps to dislodge tartar accumulation and helps reduce bad breath.

Instructions for use:
Brushing your dog's fangs with a finger finger or toothbrush designed for dogs. If you use a finger finger, the flexibility and agility of your finger allows a softer contact with the teeth and the gum.

Start by lifting the babines gently to let his teeth appear. Then brushing from one side to the other so that everything is clean. Then open the jaw a little to reach the inside of his mouth and brush very gently!

IL A BESOIN QU’ON L’AIDE?○ Mauvaise haleine et mastication difficile○ Salivation excessive○ Baisse d'appétit○ Douleur et accumulation de tartre○ Perte de dent
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