Eau de mer Isotonic (ampoule)||Isotonic seawater solution (amp) Eau de mer Isotonic (ampoule)||Isotonic seawater solution (amp)
Eau de mer Isotonic (ampoule)||Isotonic seawater solution (amp)
Eau de mer Isotonic (ampoule)||Isotonic seawater solution (amp) Eau de mer Isotonic (ampoule)||Isotonic seawater solution (amp)
Eau de mer Isotonic (ampoule)||Isotonic seawater solution (amp)
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Isotonic seawater solution (amp)

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Isotonic seawater (bulb)

Isotonic Seawater is designed from entirely natural seawater, triple micro-filtered cold, rich in minerals and trace elements and without preservatives. He draws directly from the principles of René Quinton to rebalance our biological ground smoothly. Its unique and unmatched composition is almost identical to our extracellular liquid. Bringing the full spectrum of all mineral elements that our organization needs, our Isotonic Sea Water is ideal for maximizing its health and maintaining optimal functions
  • enzymatic reactions cofactor
  • promotes maintaining hydration and acid-basic balance
  • Helps to metabolize carbohydrates, lipids and proteins
  • contributes to the development and maintenance of bones and teeth
  • Help for the proper functioning of the muscles

Recommended dosage:

Take 2-6 ampoules a day before lunch or 2 hours after meals. For optimal (sublingual) absorption, keep 1 minute in the mouth.

Active main ingredients * by 60 ml / 6 ampoules:

Chlorides ...... .348 mg; Sodium ... ..186 mg; Sulphates ...... 43 mg; Magnesium ... ..23 mg; Calcium ... ..8 mg; Potassium ...... 8 mg; BICARBONATES ... 2 mg; Phosphorus ...... 9 mcg; Boron ... ..116 mcg; Zinc ...... 1 mcg; Molybdenum ... ..0.2 mcg; Iodine ...... .0.6 mcg; Copper ...... ..0.2 mcg; Iron ...... 0.04 mcg; Manganese ...... 0.03 mcg. * Nutrients from Breton seawater, 100% natural and triple micro-filtered cold. Seawater collected in protected area Natura 2000 in France, Atlantic Ocean.

Other Ingredients:

Purified water of pharmaceutical quality
  • Favorise le maintien de l’hydratation et de l’équilibre acido-basique
  • Aide à métaboliser les glucides, les lipides et les protéines
  • Contribue au développement et au maintien des os et des dents
  • Aide au bon fonctionnement des muscles
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