Formule Anxiété||Anxiety formula Formule Anxiété||Anxiety formula
Formule Anxiété||Anxiety formula
Formule Anxiété||Anxiety formula Formule Anxiété||Anxiety formula
Formule Anxiété||Anxiety formula
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Anxiety formula

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The five ingredients of which this formula has been selected to help mitigate the severity of the most commonly associated components related to anxiety, or nervousness, and to promote relaxation, mental capacity and stress resistance. What does this mean to you? All your usual anxiety motives suddenly lose their importance.

each vegetable capsule contains:

Cyracos® Mall, 300.00 mg

(Melissa officinalis L.) - Standardized extract of full and high Orac spectrum sheet with 7% rosemarinic acid and a total of 15% hydroxycinnamic acids.

ashwagandha, 100.00 mg

(Withania somnifera) - Root extract 10:1 (1000 mg *).

Rhodiole, 100.00 mg

(Rhodiola Rosea) - Standardized root extract (3% rosavines and 1% salidrosids).

Theanine, 50.00 mg


Choline, 50.00 mg

(Choline Bitartrate)

INOSITOL, 50.00 mg

5-HTP, 12.50 mg

(L-5-hydroxytryptophane, Griffonia Simplicifolia).

BioPerine® black pepper, 2.50 mg

(Piper Nigrum L.) - Extract of berries.

Jamaica pepper, 1.25 mg

(PIMENTA DIOICA) - Bay extract 4:1 (5 mg *).

Girofle nails, 0.50 mg

(syzygium aromaticum) - Extract of buttons 10:1 (5 mg *).

Cinnamon, 0.50 mg

(cinnamomum zeylanicum) - Bark extract 10:1 (5 mg *).

Non-medicinal ingredients:organic brown rice extract, brown rice sound.

* Equivalent of dried plant.

Soulage l’anxiété en atténuant les sentiments d’angoisse et la nervosité tout en favorisant la relaxation mentale, la focalisation et la résistance au stress.
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