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HerbalFactors Eye Formula

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Formula for the eyes

Eye formula is a combination of plants and nutrients whose effectiveness to protect your eyes and reduce free radical damage has been proven. The formula includes carotenoids, lutein, as well as blueberry, multi-hocyanidine, carrot juice and erupan powder, all preventing free radical damage, one of the main reasons for the deterioration of the view. with age.

Additional information:

Eye formula is a combination of nutrients favorable to the health of the eyes that helps to feed the eye so that it works optimally. The active ingredients of the blueberry are part of a group of flavonoids called anthocyanosides. These are powerful antioxidants that prevent damage caused by free radicals. The most promising research shows that the blueberry extract improves night visual acuity, facilitates the adaptation of the eye to darkness and restores visual acuity after exposure to glare. Other studies reveal that the blueberry extract also helps people with Nyctallopia, that is to say an inability to see distinctly in a brightness too strong. Multifhocyanidines form a complex extract of plant flavonoids that are powerful phagocytes of free radicals. The standardized extract of multi-hocyanidines is derived from berries, such as blueberries, cranberries, elderberry berries, grapes, raspberries, strawberries and, of course, blueberries. The euphraise is a plant of choice for the eyes. An entire plant is used, and a compress of decoction will curbly give rapid relief from redness, swelling and views of view in cases of acute and subacute inflammation of the eye. However, the Euphraise is not reserved for external use. Although its mechanism of action is unknown, the euphraise extract taken by internally has also presents ocular benefits. Carrot juice powder - carrot, rich in beta-carotene, provides vitamin A essential to the eyes. Rutin is a bioflavonoid that facilitates the absorption and retention of vitamin C, a large phagocyte of free radicals. Bioflavonoids have a beneficial effect on the highly vascularized region of the eye and increase resistance against infections. Quercetin is a natural flavonoid and an antioxidant that helps prevent the damage caused by free radicals. Lutein is naturally present in the macula and the crystalline of the eye where it prevents photo-oxidation. There are a number of evidence that suggests that additional lutein intake protects against these eye disorders.

Medicinal Ingredients by Capsule:

Euphraise extract 4:1 (Euphrasia officinalis) (Aerial parts) 100 mg Blueberry powder (Vaccinium myrtilus) (fruit) 50 mg Lutein (Tagetes Erecta) (Flower) 20 mg Providing elementary lutein 2 mg Multi-Anthocyanidines (Macrocarpon Vaccinium, Corymbosum Vaccinium, Myrtillus Vaccinium, Prunus Avium, Ribes Nigrum) (Fruit) 15 mg Carrot Powder (Daucus Carota) (root) 25 mg Rutin (sophora japonica) (flower button) 25 mg Quercetin (Sophora Japonica) (flower button) 25 mg

Non-medicinal ingredients:

Rice starch, gelatin capsule (gelatin, purified water).

Recommended use:

Helps reinforce visual health in people with cataracts and / or macular degeneration related to age. Provides antioxidants for maintaining good health. Helps preserve the view in case of conditions (associated with solar light damage) such as age cataracts and macular degeneration.
  • Puissant antioxydant!
  • Protège les yeux
  • Renforce la santé visuelle
  • Améliore l’acuité visuelle nocturne
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