Genuine Health greens+ original superaliment nourrissant naturel sans ogm 255g poudre Genuine Health greens+ original superaliment nourrissant naturel sans ogm 255g poudre
Genuine Health greens+ original superaliment nourrissant naturel sans ogm 255g poudre
Genuine Health greens+ original superaliment nourrissant naturel sans ogm 255g poudre Genuine Health greens+ original superaliment nourrissant naturel sans ogm 255g poudre
Genuine Health greens+ original superaliment nourrissant naturel sans ogm 255g poudre
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Greens+ original Natural Powder

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Greens original nature (powder)

Greens original Nature (powder) is the only superality of the efficiency demonstrated when it comes to increasing energy and vitality, balance the pH and provide nutrients to support your Good health - 25 years and 9 nine research studies later. It gives you sufficient energy to indulge in the activities that you like after taking all your obligations. It is with this formula that everything started - the greens mixture of 23 energizing vegetable ingredients, including wheat grass, small-goemon of the organic Atlantic, spirulina, chlorine, beets, beets, Blueberries and milk thistle in addition to licorice roots, an adaptogenic plant, and Siberian ginseng extracts. Each ingredient was chosen because the research supported the benefits and safety; And together, they have a unique synergy. ORIGINAL NATURE GREENS is the only superimate experienced by the search to increase your energy, your vitality and your general well-being in addition to ensuring antioxidant protection and balancing the pH. 25 years and 9 nine research studies later, we continue.

Recommended use:

To increase energy and well-being.

Adult Posology:

Mix 1 measurement (8.5 g) in 1 cup (250 ml) of pure water or juice. Shake well. The new greens users need to start with 1/3 measurement per day and gradually increase the portion to a full measurement per day over a period of 3 weeks. Do not take fasting. Before prolonging use beyond 3 months, consult a health practitioner.

Ingredients:by 8.5 g

Lecithin (97% oil-free; soy; 26% phosphatidylcholine) 2,171 mg Spirulina Cells (Anthrospira Platensis) 1,450 mg Apple (Malus Domestica) 1,033 mg Organic barley grass (hordum vulgare) 734 mg Biological Alfalfa Grass (Medicago Sativa) 383 mg Organic Wheat Grass (Triticum Aestivum) 383 mg Chloelle (micro-exploded cell wall) (Chlorella vulgaris) 383 mg Organic Soy Soy (Glycine Max) 383 mg Organic Brown Rice Grain (Oryza Sativa) 383 mg Standardized royal jelly at 5% 10-HAD 150 mg Bee Pollen (Apis Mellifera) 150 mg Standardized liquorice root extract at 10% glycyrrhizine (5:1 = 580 mg) (glycyrrhiza uralensis) 116 mg Normalized Acerola Berry Juice Extract at 18% Vitamin C (Malpighia Glabrá) 115 mg Fos (fructooligossacharides) (resulting from chicory root [Intybus Cichorium]) 100 mg Eight bacterial cultures:100 mg Lactobacillus Helveticus (R0052) 0.19 billion UFC Lactobacillus Rhamnosus (R0011) 0.43 billion UFC Lactobacillus Casei (R0215) UFC 0.09 billion Lactobacillus plantarum (R1012) UFC 0.09 billion Lactobacillus Salivarius (R0078) 0.04 billion UFC Bifidobacterium Longum (R0175) 0.04 billion UFC Bifidobacterium bifidum (R0071) UFC 0.04 billion Bifidobacterium Breve (R0070) 0.24 billion UFC Normalized Siberian Ginseng Root Extract from 0.8% of eleutherosides (28:1 = 1,680 mg) (Eleutherococcus sentries) 60 mg Standardized milk thistle seed extract at 86% silymarin (40:1 = 2,400 mg) (silybum marianum L.) 60 mg Organic red beet root (beta vulgaris) 43 mg Small Atlantic goemon (palmaria palmata) 33 mg Ginkgo leaf extract normalized to 24% Ginkgo flavonoid glycosides and 6% terponeo-lactones (50:1 = 1000 mg) 20 mg Green tea leaf extract standardized 90% polyphenols (20:1 = 300 mg) (Camellia sinensis L.) 15 mg European blueberry extract normalized with 25% anthocyanidine (100:1 = 1000 mg) (Vaccinium myrtilus L.) 10 mg Standardized grape extract at 95% proanthocyanidine and 200 ppm from Resveratrol (500:1 = 2,500 mg) (Vitis Vinifera) 5 mg

Non-medicinal ingredients:

Stevia rebaudiana entire sheet
Donnez un coup de pouce à votre énergie, à votre vitalité et à votre apport nutritionnel avec la première et la seule formule de superaliments à l’efficacité éprouvée! Une seule portion par jour pour une source de 23 nutriments végétaux essentiels. Des plus alcalinisants et riches en antioxydants, greens nourrit et protège votre organisme, augmente votre énergie et favorise la santé osseuse – et bien plus encore
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Please note that La Moisson Supermarché Santé does not offer any medical advice to its customers. We invite you to consult a doctor in order to have a professional opinion before using this product. Results may vary with each individual and we cannot guarantee its effects. The results or statements mentioned are only indicative. This product does not cure disease and cannot at any time replace a medical prescription without the approval of a competent doctor or pharmacist. If you are already taking medication, have a specific health condition, are pregnant or have any other medical condition, please consult a healthcare practitioner before using this product.