Intesfib Fruits Des Champs||Intesfib - Berry flavour Intesfib Fruits Des Champs||Intesfib - Berry flavour
Intesfib Fruits Des Champs||Intesfib - Berry flavour
Intesfib Fruits Des Champs||Intesfib - Berry flavour Intesfib Fruits Des Champs||Intesfib - Berry flavour
Intesfib Fruits Des Champs||Intesfib - Berry flavour
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Intesfib - Berry flavour

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The exclusive 93% mixture of fully natural psyllium fibers is the ultimate solution for relieving gently constipation and reduces cholesterol.

An exclusive blend of psyllium fibers and three beneficial plants for the health of the intestines. Recommended daily intake of fibers necessary for intestinal health is 25 to 30 grams.Sans sugar, without salt, without dye, without preservative. Its natural fibers also help with weight management

Natural Product Number (NPN):80016715

Medicinal Ingredients:Each teaspoon of 8.4 g contains:

psyllium (seed) (plantago ovata) 7.5 g
licorice (root) (glycyrrhiza glabra) 81 mg
Red Elm (Bark) (Ulmus Fulva) 8 mg
Non-Medicinal Ingredients:Hibiscus

Ingredient properties:

psyllium:The exceptional wealth of mucilaginous fibers of psyllium gives it properties that relieve constipation by reducing the total duration of the intestinal transit. In addition, Psyllium (Plantago Ovata) is now recognized to help reduce slightly high cholesterol blood levels, as well as relieving diverticulitis and irritable colon syndrome.

Licorice:Recognized as anti-inflammatory, licorice effectively relieves irritated gastrointestinal walls. His antibacterial action gives him the ability to combat certain parasitic infections.

Red elm:the mucilage content of red elm protects and relieves the irritated intestinal walls. It also helps prevent diarrhea. In addition, the red elm is recognized to calm the various inflammation of the digestive tract, especially those affecting the intestine (eg colitis).

Hibiscus:Natural flavor unsweetened by field fruits. Abundantly grown in tropical regions and Europe, the hibiscus flower is recognized for its virtues as a mild laxative on the intestine.

Le mélange 93% exclusif de fibres de psyllium entièrement naturelle est la solution ultime pour soulage la constipation en douceur et réduit le cholestérol.Cliquez sur le bouton Acheter ici pour acheter le produit. Vous serez redirigé vers une boutique en ligne sécurisée.Disponible aussi en capsules.
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