Lotion mains & corps Lavande||Hand & body lotion lavander Lotion mains & corps Lavande||Hand & body lotion lavander
Lotion mains & corps Lavande||Hand & body lotion lavander
Lotion mains & corps Lavande||Hand & body lotion lavander Lotion mains & corps Lavande||Hand & body lotion lavander
Lotion mains & corps Lavande||Hand & body lotion lavander
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Hand & body lotion lavander

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Hands lotion & amp; Lavender body

The hands & amp lotion; Lavender body rebalance and nourishes your skin. This lotion contains a combination rich in biological sunflower oil lipids, avocado oil and shea butter, associated with a refreshing washbial essential oil and the soothing organic aloe vera which naturally restores lipid balance your skin. Use Use hands & amp lotion; Lavender body to give your skin a daily dose of nourishing hydration to keep it sweet and supple. Recommended for full daily use to help prevent and relieve dry skin. For best results, hydrate after bath. Renew the application on the hands after washing. signature ingredient: Relaxing and refreshing lavender, protective vegetable lipids and the rich oat-glucan nutrition for cellular rejuvenation provide a sumptuous hydration of the skin. Features and advantages: Organic lavender essential oil, organic aloe, rich vegetable lipids and essential vitamins give normal skin and dries a nourishing daily hydration.
  • intense hydration nourishes and softens the very dry skin
  • no perfumes or synthetic colors
  • biodegradable
  • no GMO, parabens and phthalates
  • Vegan
  • NSF / ANSI Certified 305

lotions - daily feeding and hydration

Your skin is constantly assaulted. Weather conditions, stress, environmental factors, food and even lack of sleep can give your skin an appearance and feeling of fatigue, dryness, boredom or disorder. Our nourishing moisturizers for hands and body provide hydration and vital food to comfort and give the skin a sound of sound appearance.

bath & amp; Body - Honor Your Body

We eat healthy and try to avoid harmful additives in our food. Avalon Organics believes that we must be as aware of what we put on our body than what we put. Avalon Organics' soft but effective bath products contain 70% of biological content and treat the body of the rich therapeutic benefits of pure essential oils.
Rééquilibre et nourrit votre peau.Cette lotion contient des lipides d’huile de tournesol biologique, d’huile d’avocat et de beurre de karité.
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