Pancréatine||Pancreatin Pancréatine||Pancreatin
Pancréatine||Pancreatin Pancréatine||Pancreatin
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Pancreatine is a combination of digestive enzymes called proteolytic enzymes. These enzymes are normally produced by the pancreas and play an important role in the digestion of fats, proteins, and sugars. Pancreatine is used to replace digestive enzymes when the pancreas does not produce enough by itself. Certain medical conditions can cause this lack of enzymes, including cystic fibrosis, chronic inflammation of pancreas, pancreas cancer, or pancreas surgery. Pancreatine can also be used to treat a condition called steatorrhea (oily stools and furniture). Scientific evidence supports the use of proteolytic enzyme supplements to improve the digestive function, to accelerate recovery during injury or surgery, and to reduce swelling and bruising. As such, proteolytic enzyme supplements appear to be a good value for athletes wishing to improve recovery due to exercise or injury, as well as for patients who recover surgery. The New Roots Herbal Pancreatine is standardized with 4 × (four times stronger).

Medicinal Ingredients by Enteric Coating Capsule:

PANCREATIC ENZYMS 4 × [Pork pancreas (SUS scrofa)] 325 mg Providing: Protease activity 32500 USP units Lipase activity 2600 USP units Amylase activity 32500 USP units

Non-medicinal ingredients:

Corn starch (no GMO) in a vegetable capsule without GMO composed of gum of carbohydrates, purified water, and an aqueous solution coating.
  • Améliore la fonction digestive
  • Permet de contrôler l’inflammation
  • Réduit l’enflure et les ecchymoses
  • Accélère la récupération lors d’une blessure ou d’une chirurgie
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