Psyllium + Fibregum ||Psyllium + Fibregum Psyllium + Fibregum ||Psyllium + Fibregum
Psyllium + Fibregum ||Psyllium + Fibregum
Psyllium + Fibregum ||Psyllium + Fibregum Psyllium + Fibregum ||Psyllium + Fibregum
Psyllium + Fibregum ||Psyllium + Fibregum
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Psyllium + Fibregum

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Psyllium Fibregum

The classic psyllium innovative formulation has been improved to better support intestinal health. Psyllium Fibregum combines a psyllium envelope (Plantago Ovata) that helps supply volume to the stool and / or debris of quagmire in the intestinal wall - and Fibergum ™. Recent studies suggest that Fibregum, from African ACACIA, shows promising results to reduce inflammation and help close tight junctions in the digestive tube epithelial cells. An ideal combination for better intestinal health.
  • keep the intestines regular
  • Provides 7G of soluble and insoluble fiber mixture by spoon
  • promotes mild relief of constipation and / or soft stool
The consumption of adequate amounts of fiber is important in the management of intestinal health. A good source of own fiber helps to ensure the balance of blood glucose, healthy cholesterol and effective detox. Used in herbal medicine to promote stools and gently relieve constipation and / or irregularity. A source of fiber for maintaining good health. 40 servings. without gluten, wheat, dairy products, eggs, soy, fish, crustaceans, nuts, peanuts, artificial conservatives, dyes and aromas. No GMO and vegan.

Medicinal Ingredients by Capsule:

Psyllium (envelope, Plantago Ovata) 3.5 g Fibregum ™ (organic acacia gum, Vachellia Seyal) 3.5 g


Adults: Take 1 to 2 spoons a day or as directed by a health professional. For 1 g of psyllium, mix with 30 ml of liquid (water, fruit juice or similar aqueous drink), stir warmly and drink immediately. Take before or after taking other drugs or natural health products. Keep a sufficient water intake and do not take it before bedtime. Effects observed 12 to 24 hours after the first dose and can last 2 to 3 days.
  • Garde les intestins réguliers.
  • Fournit 7g de mélange de fibres solubles et insolubles par cuillère.
  • Favorise un soulagement doux de la constipation et / ou des selles molles.
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