Natural factors formule sommeil relax Natural factors formule sommeil relax
Natural factors formule sommeil relax
Natural factors formule sommeil relax Natural factors formule sommeil relax
Natural factors formule sommeil relax
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HerbalFactors Relaxed Sleep Formula

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Relax sleep formula

Relax contains standardized extracts from valerian, pansiflower, hops and scutellar who have calm and slightly sedative effects, inducing a restful sleep. Valerian is known for its calm effects while the Passiflore and the hops act favorably on anxiety and insomnia. The scutellar is a traditional tonic of the nervous system.

Additional information:

Some of the Plants contained in the Relax act as nervous system recovery agents, calming anxiety and soothing agitation. Relax sleep contains a standardized valerian root extract with passiflore, hops and scutellar with calming effects. Valerian is renowned for its soothing effect on adults as well as children. Its main active ingredient is essential oil. A standardized extract ensures efficiency as a sedative plant. Studies show that the Passiflore has an invaluing sedative effect that relaxes the nervous system. This plant seems particularly useful when physical or mental tension results from insomnia or stress1. It seems to have a refreshing effect on the nervous system and its action is light enough so that it can be given to children. Michael Weiner, herbalist and author, mentions that the Passiflore (Passiflora Incarnata) is perhaps, among the plants, the best tranquilizer so far. The leaves and dried rods induce a natural sleep and calm the hyperactive people. Doctors could well recommend this plant to their patients who wish to undertake a weaning of synthetic sleeping and tranquilizers2. The hops is useful for nervous disorders, anxious overwork states and insomnia. It is used for its sedative properties in many European countries. The scutellar is a Nervin tonic and a slow but constant recovery agent of the nervous system.

Medicinal Ingredients by Capsule:

Extract from Valerian 4:1 (Valeriana officinalis) (root) (standardized 0.8% valerenic acid) 100 mg Scutellar Powder (Scutellaria Lateriflora) (Aerial Parts) 100 mg Extract from Passiflore 4:1 (Passiflora Incarnata) (Flower) 50 mg Hops powder (humulus lupulus) (flower) 50 mg Hops extract 5:1 (humulus lupulus) (flower) 25 mg

Non-medicinal ingredients:

Gelatin capsule (gelatin, purified water), rice starch.
  • Favorise un sommeil réparateur
  • Effet calmant sur le stress et l’anxiété
  • Améliore la santé du système nerveux
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