Natural factors concentré d'ail 500 mg ultra fort Natural factors concentré d'ail 500 mg ultra fort
Natural factors concentré d'ail 500 mg ultra fort
Natural factors concentré d'ail 500 mg ultra fort Natural factors concentré d'ail 500 mg ultra fort
Natural factors concentré d'ail 500 mg ultra fort
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GarlicRich Ultra Strength Garlic Concentrate

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Garlic Rich

Clinical studies confirm that garlic and high allicin preparations reduce blood pressure and blood cholesterol. In addition, garlic strengthens the immune system and promotes good health of respiratory tract. Garlicrich is composed of whole bulbs and free of pesticides. Each fartable and odorless coated capsule is equivalent to eight cloves of garlic.

Additional information:

Cardiovascular diseases are associated with multiple factors such as high levels of LDL cholesterol and total cholesterol, oxidation of LDL cholesterol, an excessive platelet aggregation (clot formation) and hypertension. Numerous in vitro studies confirm the ability of garlic to reduce these risk factors. These conclusions were also corroborated by clinical trials. Natural Factors Garlicrich is obtained from the entire garlic bulb to ensure the synergistic complexity. The garlic is grown without pesticide and the bulbs are harvested by hand and stored at the expense, protected from air and light, in order to preserve the enzymes and other beneficial compounds. The bulbs are processed smoothly without ethanol or other solvent. The EnviroSimplex® method, which ensures the efficiency of active ingredients and their protection, exceeds the standards of the pharmaceutical industry and the guidelines for good manufacturing practices (GMP). The garlic of garlicrich is concentrated at 10:1 and each odorless capsule of 500 mg equals eight full garlic cloves and contains powerful stabilized allicin.

Medicinal Ingredient by Capsule:

Garlicrich ® , garlic powder (Allium sativum) (bulb) 500 mg Allicine, Alline, Gamma-Glutamylcysteins8000 MCG

Non-medicinal ingredients:

Organic Linen Oil, Enteripure capsule (gelatin, glycerin, purified water, pectin), non-GMO sunflower lecithin, yellow beeswax.

Recommended use:

Used in herbal medicine to help reduce high levels of blood lipids (hyperlipidemia) and maintain cardiovascular health in adults. Traditionally used in herbal medicine to help relieve symptoms related to higher respiratory tract infections and catarrhal affections. Garlicrich comes from whole cool garlic bulbs harvested manually. The garlic is treated with precaution and stored in the expense of light and air to preserve the enzymes and other beneficial compounds. Garlicrich is free of pesticides and contains the full spectrum of important active ingredients. Each capsule of this concentrate 10:1 ultra-strong and the controlled odor equals 8 cloves of garlic.
  • Diminue les risques de maladie cardiovasculaire
  • Abaisse la tension artérielle
  • Abaisse les taux de mauvais cholestérol
  • Empêche l’agrégation plaquettaire
  • Aide la circulation sanguine
  • Améliore le système immunitaire
  • Réduit l’inflammation intestinale
  • Aider à débarrasser le corps des métaux lourds
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