Natural factors curcuminrich optimisation récupération croissance musculaire Natural factors curcuminrich optimisation récupération croissance musculaire
Natural factors curcuminrich optimisation récupération croissance musculaire
Natural factors curcuminrich optimisation récupération croissance musculaire Natural factors curcuminrich optimisation récupération croissance musculaire
Natural factors curcuminrich optimisation récupération croissance musculaire
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Muscle Recovery & Growth Optimizer With High Absorption Curcumin

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Optimization of recovery and muscle growth

Preparation Natural Factors muscular recovery optimization and muscle growth combines theracurmin, high-absorption curcumin, and a micronized form of amino acid L-glutamine. This practical mixture for flavorless beverage promotes the recovery of the muscles and the immune system after periods of intense physical stress by helping to reden the glutamine reserves in the blood and support antioxidant defenses.

Additional information:

Optimization of muscular recovery and growth from the Curcuminrician range is a high-absorption preparation designed to facilitate muscle recovery and growth, which contains theAcurmin, the most bioavailable curcumin form, so than micronized L-glutamine. TheraCurmin and L-Glutamine act in concert to support the body's recovery after physical stress by exercising a powerful antioxidant activity and stimulating a healthy inflammatory response. This action promotes the repair and growth of muscle cells, especially after an intense exercise, and supports immune and digestive systems, providing protection against infections after intense or prolonged exercise. Curcumine, curcuma yellow pigment, is highly appreciated for its many health benefits but it is poorly absorbed by the body. TheraCurmin is a natural curcumin preparation that uses advanced techniques to reduce the size of the curcumin particles to significantly increase solubility and bioavailability. In-depth absorption studies have proven that thecurmin is the form of curcumin the best absorbed on the market. ‡ Glutamine is a natural amino acid that intervenes in many metabolic processes, including protein formation and energy production. The needs increase after intense physical effort and during the recovery that follows a disease or injury. Indeed, these situations can give rise to a glutamine deficiency, leaving the body vulnerable to the infection and a weakened immune response. This flavorless powder mix makes it possible to obtain a practical drink, favorable to the recovery after exercise and ideal for athletes who wish to accelerate muscle recovery and growth naturally. It dissolves instantly in juice, water or any other drink, without being necessary to use a mixer. Each daily portion provides 30 mg from thecurmin and 5 g of glutamine. It is enough to mix in 250 to 500 ml (1 to 2 cups) of water immediately before consuming.

Medicinal Ingredients per serving (5.2 g):

L-glutamine (micronized) 5 g Curcumin † TheraCurminmd from Curcuma (Curcuma Longa) (Rhizome) 30 mg † highly bioavailable curcumin form - the most active curcuminoid of turmeric

Recommended use:

Contributes to the repair of muscle cells after exercise. Helps restore plasma glutamine concentration after periods of physical stress. Supports immune health and the digestive system after periods of physical stress. Provides antioxidants for maintaining good health.
  • Contribue à la réparation et à la croissance musculaires après l’exercice
  • Aide à rétablir le taux de glutamine sanguin après un stress physique
  • Soutient la réponse inflammatoire naturelle de l’organisme
  • Soutient le système immunitaire après l'exercice
  • Exerce une puissante activité antioxydante!
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